Sessions Services

 All sessions are either provided live via phone, internet, skype at an agreed upon time for each of us.

It is helpful, not mandatory, that one begins to use the 12D shielding practice prior to a session. This practice allows one to shield from outside inorganic energies while better discerning ones own energetic bodies and fields.  In building upon this process, more is revealed, understood of our our bodies, our energetic self and interaction with life in the multidimensional senses, of which can not be readily seen, bet when cultivated and focused upon, can be felt with our higher senses.  These higher senses are further activated with the use of the 12D Shielding practice. It is a light body function of the Divine Krystic Template and begins to restore our bodies to organic states of being connected to organic Living Light.

More on this tool – the 12 D Shield as shared from The Guardians and Lisa Renee at Energetic of which we are most appreciative and grateful. 

Ascension Guidance

This space is for you…  to shine the light in your heart for that which serves appropriately in this now moment.

We are multidimensional beings awakening from within . Many questions, perceptions, feelings, issues, struggles, relationship issues, job changes, food and body shifts come into focus. Much to be discerned and reframed into the shifts of our reality, of energy, of consciousness.

941845_475642665885207_488005159_nBy providing you with understanding, tools, context, processes to empower you to navigate this grand and most precious time of inner and outer change.   It can be overwhelming, out of the box, surreal and draining.

Tools of support, clearing, energy management, awareness self education, are shared.  Supported and encircled in a protected and sacred space for heart awakening and comfort and clarity.

The Language of Light  speaks to your cells within your body to open and activate whatever may be ready for your specific next steps. Light energies abound to unlock codes within the body and auric fields for sequential unfoldment well after this connection. You open up your own self to receive that which is purposeful and appropriate for you in the process of ascension.  MayYouBeBlessed

There is a natural presence of peace and joy in this space.

Often information and guidance shared helps us to focus more on the heart and away from the head.  The heart consciousness is expansive lifting us to levels of greater self love, awareness, conscious participation with our individual and unique Divine unfoldment, our relationship with all life and life expression.

You are your highest source of truth.

Each session is honoring that within each being.  All is to empower YOU to find your connection to Source and that which is your path, purpose and expression.


Etheric Surgery – Removal of inorganics

A session space specific for removal of inorganilight-bodiescs in the morphagenetic blueprint fields, etheric bodies.  Our bodies are riddled with inorganic structures, implants, reversal energies, false webbings, etc that inhibit our spiritual growth and connection to God Source.  These inorganic structures come from multiple sources most deliberate so we may not connect with our own God Self.

Working with non physical beings, teams of etheric surgeons assist in removals and restoration of the Divine template.

Appropriate time for rest, assimilation and nurturing should be planned for immediately following this session.  Important to listen to your body for needs of rest, hydration, minerals, body mind support, baths, detoxing, food choice, sunlight, etc.


lightBody1LIGHT BODY Awareness

This session space is with specific focus of working with the 12D shield, understanding the mechanics and structures of our Light bodies and energetic matrices.

All can not be understood in just one session.  The intent is to provide a good understanding of the 12 shield, its effects, an overview of the light body structures and additional practices and tools to clear your energetic bodies and seal your aura

With an additional session or two, we go deeper into the bodies, with more understanding, tools, practices and experiences are shared putting you into more touch and interaction with your fields of light.   Focus is to strengthen your connection to  work confidently and build ones own efficacy with interacting with energies and your own living energy bodies.  Chakra system, axial tonal lines, dan tien bodies, and more of our Krystic Templating.


light and darkDark and Light Discernment

This is a natural part of our Starseed development and journey.  It is what it is.  No way around it.  As Starseeds, Multidimensional Beings, as Indigos, as awakening ones, this brings targeting from the dark to undermine, hinder and inhibit the ascension process.  All of humanity is “born with” certain seals, inhibiting structures to prevent awakening and starseeds, more-so as to the direct now purpose of these beings to assist humanity in their awakening.

We live in our awareness of the worlds that exist here.  And this is not just loving what is of dark and light, this session and space speaks to our Sovereignty and discerning when, how and why our boundaries are not being honored by other beings.  It addresses the means and ways we are, without our knowledge, implanted, attacked, hindered, stunted, siphoned of our energies and how to discern this.  This is a on going process and this provides clarity, understanding, experience, examples, tools, techniques, connection for you to build your own skills and light foundation.

I continue to walk this space humbly, while having numerous encounters, experience, direct confrontations and that of hidden space of my own.  In addition to witnessing with holding group space over the years yielding to thousands of   thousands of group sessions, gatherings and events, much experience has been gained…and it continues.   The road is not without these lessons or skill building.

Navigating our realms of the unseen, the astral worlds are those that interfere, thwart our expansive Divine Nature.  Becoming aware of the pitfalls, the methods, the many ways it can show up is helpful to manage ones own inner God connection with purity.  Assisting with identifying that which is organic and inorganic, that which is God Sourced over implants, false voice, physic attacks, infiltrations, ego or imposter Spirit, and that which may be siphoning energy from our energy fields.

These space provides for Q & A, discernment, sharing, tools, practices for skill building your own Adept abilities for energy management and on the path of Dark Arts training as it best serves you in this moment.


Exchange for any of these services is appreciated with love and gratitude.    

To inquire about exchange, ask deeper questions, schedule a session send an email with SESSION INQUIRY in the subject line to
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