A journey of awakening your heart and soul
to your highest expression.
It’s science, it’s Alchemy.
It is the natural process of opening up to our Divine Self.
it’s happening to everyone…one heart at a time.

 It is the evolution of our soul to move from the head and into the heart. It allows us to love authentically and connect to our inner greatness.

A Divine Change is taking place on our planet and within our very chemistry.  We move into the science and evolution of expanding our consciousness, upgrading our chemistry and biology to experience and live multidimensionally from a place of love, centered within our Higher Heart.

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General Session – Ascension Guidance

We are multidimensional beings awakening from within . As we consciously participate with our ascension, many questions, experiences, perceptions, feelings, issues, struggles, relationship issues, job changes, food and body shifts come into focus.  This session is to help to lay groundwork, context, clarity on what is happening to better work WITH the process and our shift from living one way and expanding into a new way that supports us more lovingly.


light-bodiesEtheric Surgery – Removal of inorganics

A session space specific for removal of inorganic substances in the morphagenetic blueprint fields, etheric bodies.  Our bodies are riddled with inorganic structures, implants, reversal energies, false webbings, etc that inhibit our spiritual growth and connection to God Source.


light and darkDark and Light Discernment

This is a natural part of our Starseed development and journey.  It is what it is. This session and space speaks to our Sovereignty and discerning when, how and why our boundaries are not being honored by other beings.  It addresses the means and ways we are, without our knowledge, implanted, attacked, hindered, stunted, siphoned of our energies and how to discern this. These space provides for Q & A, discernment, sharing, tools, practices for skill building your own Adept abilities for energy management and on the path of Dark Arts training

lightBody1LIGHT BODY Awareness

This session space is with specific focus of working with the 12D shield, understanding the mechanics and structures of our Light bodies and energetic matrices.



Weekly Virtual Global Healing,
Prayer and Blessing  Ceremony

Distant Healing Loving intention for Wholeness & Highest Good every Sunday evening at 10 pm cdt.

No cost.  No Sign up needed.  A space to receive love energy, blessings, healing and prayer


Personal Expansion Experience The Lighted Path A  companion space we walk together!

Mentoring, Guidance, Reflection, Remembrance, Love expressed.

As one awakens, there are many overwhelming feelings, questions, and insatiable desire to know more.   Once we find that we are more than our body and have a purpose and connection to all things…we want to remember and we want to feel it and be it!  It is a process of personal expansion and unfoldment through remembrance, through self work, inner reflection, utilizing tools and practices and re-discovering our true origin and potentials!  What a joy this journey is and it is my joy to walk this path with you.


 The Call of the Heart  

Group Teleconference  A space created for you to gain new insights, expand, uncover, question and receive guidance and options for living more fully.


Thank you and many blessings to you!

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