Pineal Gland

Pineal Gland

Often referred to as the Seat of the Soul – It is our gateway to expanded consciousness.

Often it is found that our pineal glands have been calcified due to fluoridation of our drinking water.  There is much to read on this subject and I encourage you to seek out the paths for you to discern for yourself, how this has shut us down from expansion of our connection to higher aspects of ourSelf.

There are many ways to begin to work on activating your pineal gland if it is not yet awakened.  And the process continues as it returns to a full optimum state of functionality.

Getting out into the sun, drinking some apple cider vinegar, removing toxins and processed foods from your diet are some ways to quickly begin to provide a more favorable space for your pineal to operate in.



That tiny gland in the brain, is one of the most vital and important components in our Ascension process in all aspects.

It is a gateway to our Divine Mind, to our highest aspects and beyond.

Our lifestyle and fluoridated water have done much to inhibit and even completely block it many vital functions.


Please do pursue further information that supports and resonates with you so you find your path to awaken your connection and start tuning into the higher connections that await you.   Pineal gland is effected by our diet, our practices of meditation and self work, our sleep and our inner work for ascension and communication outside of our earthly body and realm.


The pineal gland (third eye) and opening to clarity. Our third eye area is home to our 6th chakra which allows us to see with our inner vision and be open to our psychic experiences.

OM Daily Living

“The pineal is the prime center for controlling all of the endrocrines. it is the Master or the “I AM” of the physical body – “life and Teaching of the Master of the Far East Vol 5”