Soul Self Emerges

This Is our truest Self. Although covered in illusion and darkness, this time of consciousness evolution, return to the true state of “humanity” and Divine Nature, through growth, reflection, inner work, upgrades in values, choices AND inner reconnection to Divine Source brings us to this awareness.
15747798_10211915380908812_4320122257114548894_nWe continue to be in ever increasing heightened states of transformation – ALL humanity preparing and moving into Soul body state awareness. Do not fear or resist. Much forgiveness, self love, observing, releasing, allowing Self to self heal from pain, torments, false truths and illusions of separation must occur.
Quiet time. Stillness. Peace. Time to cultivate the heart connection for inner wisdom, knowing and counsel. NEVER listening to the thoughts generated by ego and perpetual programs of lies, self belittlement and less than.
WE are in the MIDST of grand stages of transformation. It is a LONG PROCESS that requires EACH of us to go WITHIN SELF. To be honest with self and to BALANCE and HEAL that which has been painful, out of integrity.
This is a TIME OF SPIRITUAL MATURITY, whether the lower self WANTS it or not, our HIGHER SELF and GOD TIMED CYCLES deems it to be so.
We can be the rebellious child caught in the illusion of selfish needs, wants and desires. Media, false spiritual teachings, academia, new age, religion, dogma, stories upon stories, false ideals, hypes, gurus, etc teach of self serving activities and bliss. FALSE ASCENSION (FAM) matrix is this. The process of “moving up our chakras – our dimensional consciousness experiences” is one of balancing polarity, and moving though the 4th heart chakra – which unfortunately on our planet has been compromised as much else has as well.
What does that mean? First, KNOW that CREATOR does not allow manipulation – as we have free will we allow and experience what we allow and choose, hence PART of our living experience has been outside manipulation and part of “not highest choices” and caught in lower consciousness cycles without growth, truth or the opportunity to balance.

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Truth just is. It is not a choice.

An “understanding” of truth, of purity – a meter, like our heart, when used, can not deny that which is universal law and that which is distorted.

When we are present with “choices” or “options” and ALL are NOT TRUTH, what is one to do? Truth is not a choice, it JUST IS.

14908328_10211362408644851_1231479680478516691_nCertainly no “choice” is to be made for this is not one present. It is not to take the less than of the two for there are MORE choices ALWAYS than what is “perceived” to be. There are NO LIMITS. Stepping outside to a HIGHER way of being, an expanded place of alternatives, UPGRADE options that DO resonate in the vibrations and frequencies of TRUTH that when met, no one can deny.

Truth is only to be integratable, not debatable.

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Star Child – human capabilities message

In reference to the excerpt below………Know you have this ability RIGHT NOW. By your heart felt intention to infuse the water with your intention to “restructure” it to heart level vibration. Send from your heart by intention to upgrade the water with love, healing inare-you-a-star-childtentions. You can direct and ask to increase the hydration abilities, to return to organic status, to simply ask for that which supports your body best at this time.

Take your power. Find your abilities of the power of your intention, word, and thought. All to be founded in pure heart based intention for good.
This works wherever you are to heal yourself, your body, water in your hand, water in your body, water in the ocean.

Practice and apply to your body, food, air. See what a difference you can make. Practice, develop this skill NOT taught in school, yet this is our EVERYDAY ability that needs some remembrance and skill building yet it is there. Believe in yourself. Believe in Love.

Know that you are Divine and most taught, seen and heard is untrue. Inquire within. Rebuild self from the inside out.

Live from the heart. Live from integrity. Live as all life is sacred and matters for IT IS and so ARE YOU!


An Excerpt from the forthcoming book The New Human by Mary Rodwell 

I received the following email about a nine-year-old from Northern Europe who speaks about her ability to ‘heal’ water through star languages. She also gives her perspective on God and her Mission: “Poor us. poor kids who come to volunteer; we have such a difficult time ahead of us, a real fight. I am here to help my family ‘wake up,’ EVERYONE is sleeping.”

Cathy’s Mother: “My nine-year-old daughter speaks ‘star languages’

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Outside distractions

Enlighten self. Go within.

Outside stimulation leads one AWAY from SOURCE LIGHT. Tactics. Money. Manipulation. False hype. Addiction. What matters is ones Soul. Ones path to KNOWING self and ONLY is found by going within ones own being.

Most man made outside distractions are DESIGNED purposefully to keep one ignorant of the path of self empowerment by distraction such as media hype, games of competition which promotes power, separation, division and fake importance. All are ALREADY valued and realization of that is by self inquiry, self knowing and finding unity amongst life, consciousness and the service to others.

Divine humans – ALL.

Not to be played self against self…that is one of the oldest tactics to divide and conquer the population from knowing that the Game leaders are the ones ruling by false consent of that which they created to feed from and off of that which they created.

It is a subservient behavior system disguised. One must ZOOM out to see what one is playing and agreeing to unknowingly. When known, authority can be taken by seeing, sharing and not partitioning and return to truth through ones own pathway of Source connection.  This precious connection cultivated by inner inquiry, cleaning the inner house, rising in virtues and expanding consciousness acquiring naturally, more wisdom, peace and realization of self to all life and moving into vital aspects of becoming more of stewards for and of all life.

Our true roles hidden from us. Go within. We ALL connect there when these pathways are awakened. Love as always, is core component. Love self and all in these ways. Peace be unto you.

World of knowledge posted video link

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Heiros Gamos

Hieros Gamos – Sacred Marriage This Krystal Star template of which was previously referred to as “Spiritual Marriage in No Time” has returned to the Earth – giving us understanding of Ascension context, our higher probabilities and eventually reality. More at energeticsynthesis .com


The Hieros Gamos is the Wedded Garment of God, wearing the White Robes of the One. Hieros Gamos refers to the “Risen Christos”, as the embodiment of the inner hiero-gamic union between the human being and the divine. The Hieros Gamos is the full resurrection of the body to the eternal light of Christos, Cosmic Christ Consciousness. In the bodies return to energetic balance (neutral in the Unity Field or Zero Point), the being is One with God, and the Christos body is glorified in its perfection as representative of God’s image. In Hieros Gamos Couplings,

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Have a Heart

Have a Heart?
 A term used when asking for the addition of love, caring, kindness, compassion, tenderness, mercy and or forgiveness to a situation.
Heart field of energy – just one of many truth aspects of the heart still not taught as BASIC knowledge to all people. Just silly at best. We are energetic and of sound and frequency and this knowing is vital to ones own consciousness growth, health and unfoldment of purpose and connection to Source/Life.
Tune in, focus upon, meditate upon your heart. Your heart picks up what is in its field. It is a door way to your own higher heart. The HEART, known and thought of us a loving space, of Light, of pure intent, is this. The HEART attributes in clarity and optimum form is what the humaemfields_heartearthn is. Removal of barriers, debilitating belief systems, fears, worries, “baggage” allow more access to the Heart Consciousness aspects.

The Heart, the human has been compromised with a multitude or inorganic harmful states – from sound, frequency, blood, food, air, water, vaccines, technology… Continue reading

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Self seeking Self

Truer than true. Recent lesson/understanding/remembrance is not to “seek”, anticipate, etc. To be. To be present in this moment in ones highest heart expressive nature. Aligned with the will of good/God/Creator/Nature/Divine Essence. To be in present moment not focused on past or future. To work, heal, clear, focus, self correct, upgrade, align with that which is support of all life, respectful, loving, honoring, in truth, in openness, in peace, compassionate.

14590416_10210990946078519_84776170611908641_nIn this space of energy of science, of Divine Law, we will always experience in the now moments and upcoming now moments that which is perfect for the experience and that which of the Divine Plan, not what we think, or want to create for self. This is our New Earth unfolding before us.

VERY different than major teachings of create the life you desire, do for self, be all you can be and take all you can, have it all, law of attraction, see and vision for self all you want. This is a DARK teaching of self service and is trickery.

We need not per se CREATE that which is already created in Divine perfection truly beyond our understanding. Our job, our task of

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Silent inner strength. Relentless pursuit of truth requires this skill set.

13718691_10210286978999782_9097507103597069823_nCourage to ask questions of that which has been ones very core of belief and structure.

Courage to love self.

Courage to accept self and all despite appearances.

Courage to streeeeetch self beyond perceived barriers of the mind and heart.

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Work beyond just thinking happy thoughts

Accountability. Responsibility. Power underutilized, not believed, out Sourced.

The capabilities of our self are never taught to the point of Truth, only that which is used to “steer us in the direction for outside control”.

13925315_10210454951358986_67643734364906303_nOne must seek within that which is the gateway to the Divine Nature of all that is and the path to greater awareness of Self, of Sacredness, of purpose and abilities.

Inner stillness. Self correction of action, thoughts, behaviors to that which brings increasing support to all life, of integrity, of solution, of finding common ground and equal rights.

Observe thoughts. See what may be a repetitive

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Your voice is powerful and precious

NEVER let anyone take away, discount, discourage or discard your Voice.

Your voice to share, express, love, sing, vibration, tone.

Your voice to express.

voice-recognitionYour voice to make music, to tone, to harmonize.

Be you. Be perfect. Express self with love as guidance.


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