Renée is a heart centered human on the path of personal expansion and experiencing the opening of the Divine Self.   

Lovingly and powerfully, she shares extensive and transformational tools, insight and experiences of her life journey of studies, exploration, personal encounters, “see-it believe-it” processes, heart opening, beyond the physical revelations, and the continued journey of Self-actualization.  After a lifetime of outside studies, certifications, training and schooling, the journey has taken a turn and is now originating from within.  This is authentic, magical and glorious!  This is the path of the ascending human, to balance the heart communication of wisdom, love and will/truth.

The joy, role and sacred path and purpose of Renée is to en-Light-en and show by example the process of ascension.  From the Divine Voice within comes forth the wisdom, understandings and energies for awakening and to accelerate this process for each human. This is our natural loving evolution of our soul! 

The Light that is the Language of All That Is, is expressed through Renée via word, action, breath, energetics, vision, harmonics and presence. It is through these many forms of these expressions that open up doors and inner Light codings for igniting the Light within others. 

A sacred and holy path that Renée is dedicated to with whole heart.  All that comes forth is no longer from the human path of books, schooling, certifications or accreditation of validation, but moves beyond that to the realms of the inner knowing and connection to the Divine Mind and Heart of God.   Our authentic Self connected to our ” I AM” presence.  It is a blending, melding and braiding of the human expanding into the Divine Self of merging soul into the body.  It is a process.  A loving journey to align with the highest truth and speak and share in purity.

Renée can be named a Teacher, an Enlightener, An Oracle, Catalyst, Messenger,  Visionary, Peace Keeper,  Emissionary of Light,  Way Shower,  Spiritual Mentor, Coach, Speaker, Life Architect,  Master Energy Alchemist, Healer, Lover of life..all labels that attempt to encompass a vast array of an expanding human reclaiming ALL of who they are.

Renée is a gentle wise soul.  She is deeply inspired from a sacred connection within.  From her heart flows a sacred mission to share and awaken humanity to known and cultivate the sacred connectedness  to this same inner space of awareness, wisdom and loving resource!  And to experience what happens with this awareness and sharing of tools to further bring forth for each one’s own Grand Divine Self, their knowingness that only comes from WITHIN.

No outside source needs tell anyone of us that we are connected to all things, that we are loving by nature and that we are not limited by anything outside of ourselves.

Renée is a expanding powersource of profound wisdom and is a bridge to the higher aspects of Light that are within and around us.  It is the love of thy creator that flows and does the work.

As Light, as we know in our current technologies,  is used to transmit, data, information, codings, programs, frequencies, and more.  God said, Let there be Light.  And so it was.  Light.  Energy.  An intelligent Living Light that communicates beyond what we know as humans and science attempts yet to define.  A Language of God that speaks directly to our hearts, to our DNA, to all of us.

Tapping into this Living Light of high vibration, Renée shares what is received from Sacred Sources of Light.  It is profound, yet evidences itself as truth, as love, and very real.  Renee shares with all from this place and brings forth further vibrations, harmonics, geometries, tools, practices, validations, for remembrance, enlightenment and self spiritual unfoldment.

She inspires us to know we are more than we have been traditionally taught, schooled or lead to believe through incomplete and tainted historical depictions.  We are more than a tangible body, we are Divine Spirit.  We are energy. We are expansive beings with untapped abilities and awarenesses awaiting our intent, acknowledgement and uncodement.

We are, as a humanity, evolving quickly into a higher and better version of ourselves.  Renée is living this, and despite the challenging aspects of it, knows for herself of this truth as amazing, real, loving, and that it is truly happening, at different rates, but is happening to every being on this planet.  We are connected to One Loving Source of Energy and the sequence of programming for evolution in high gear.  Looking at our world and media we see everything is changing and the common thread,  truth is coming out, love is coming forth…and we are shifting within our hearts and mind and the earth is shifting as well.

Renée is dedicated to this path of service for every being to know the Light within.  Now is the time of our human experience ascending to higher purpose and expression of love.  Renee awakens, speaks, writes, tones, records, travels, creates, and shares in all ways and means to enlighten, educate and ignite the Light within!

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