Awakening to the Light within you

Love be to you!   

Greetings and Blessings! Clearly you are here on purpose.

 “We are living in the most amazing time ever on this planet.  We are vibrational beings that are expanding in consciousness, in love and desire for truth in all aspects.  Light comes forth!

 It is a time to know the truth of who we are as Divine Beings of Holy Origin.  A natural process is occurring of human evolution – ascension.  It is science.  It is alchemy.  It is sacred.  It is of Divine Decree. No one is left out. 

 “We are awakening with higher vibrations, higher aspirations for all to live in joy, freedom, equality and love.  Our capacity to feel love and compassion is increasing.  The potentials are exceptional for personal expansion and spiritual growth!”

 A Grand Awakening of the heart is taking place around our planet, one person at a time and is coming from within the Light of the Heart.
It is powerful and transforming.
It is Love in Action. It is Divine, Sacred and Holy.
It is about Living and loving from the heart.

This is a time of great change in our way of living and being individually and as a humanity.  We see the bringing forth of new truths that have been hidden from us – whether it be financial, health, history, food, technology, organizations, cosmos, societal and more, it is quite apparent a New way of living for ALL of us is emerging.
A grand rebirth is occurring.

  Are you viewing life, rules, purpose, happiness, job, money differently?

 Do you have different sleep patterns, ringing in the ears, headaches, loss of memory, heart palpitations, making new food choices, emotional or just tired a lot?

   Are you less tolerant of certain behaviors, activities, actions of self and others?

   Do you find yourself questioning your beliefs and what you have been taught or thought was truth?

You are an important piece of the grand unfoldment!  No One is left out.

 It is a remarkable grand time of positive change for all of humanity and it is of Divine unfoldment.  This is the process of Human evolution that is happening NOW! We are expanding into greater, more loving versions of ourselves.  All things are shifting, changing, rearranging to release patterns and processes that are out of alignment with love, integrity and truth.  Hence our world is all in upheaval and chaos yet it is reforming, rearranging, realigning with a higher order…one of Love.

Your conscious participation of this grand process of internal and external transformation changes everything!
Once you move into your own heart space and cultivate your inner connection, the more you will remember, feel, and transform into your highest aspects.  A new world emerges.  A natural process.

Blue Rays light infused with the Canopy of the Sequoias and Redwoods  Sequoia Ceremony 4-23-14

Blue Rays light infused with the Canopy of the Sequoias and Redwoods Sequoia Ceremony 4-23-14

I AM a here as a guide, messenger, connection and reflection of Creator Light. A human unfolding into the Divine Self.

This site is a place of remembrance, guidance, understanding, expansion and resources. A Light to help you navigate to further awaken within you the truth of who you are; A Divine Being of Creator Light. And to bring forth understanding and a frame of reference for that which is taking place within you and upon our planet.  

   My purpose and joy is assisting humanity in this awakening process and establishing a New Earth.   It begins within!  It is a sacred journey that I walk and share by profound experience, knowingness, evidence and continued expansion of my higher more benevolent aspects.  Still a journey, yet one that brings forth wisdom, insight, remembrances, processes and activations that readily and profoundly awakens others to the Divine Connection within.  It is with pure loving intent that I am here to be of service and support in this grand process of human expansion and transformation. 

“The purity and the path of Light is simple, clear, direct, purposeful and immediate and it is loving, and it serves instantly.” facebooktripleheart2Connect with on
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Our world is changing – within and without.
As so above, so below
Adonai!  Adonai!  Adonai!
Follow your heart, it knows the way to truth, peace and love.