Reminder – Weekly space for prayer and positive intention


Join in Prayer and positive focus for peace, for wholeness, for sovereignty for all. We come together each week in this space of now time, within our own hearts to intend and declare goodwill for all. Join us at 10PM CDT this evening.

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Our weekly focus of prayer and blessing info



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Tend the Garden

Restoration and Liberation happen at levels NOW for most unseen and unaware. Seek with purity the God of your Self, The God, of All, The One Self. Listen NOT to the outside, but the voice within the heart, past Ego. It is the love, the kindness, the understanding, the place of honoring ALL life that reveals itself, hidden under programmed thoughts and limits. It has a theme.11535928_10207188899989743_3899184492529854065_n

It is the Same within Continue reading

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Inner Guidance

Go within. Always. Breath deeply. Tune into the senses of the body, of the heart, of the life energy. Tune OUT of the brain and rationale limited programs.
Our feeling nature is evolving and is of increasing intelligence of the nature of all living things.

postThe brain…full of thoughts created within a limited range of understanding, where our “heart brain” our higher senses tune into unlimited natural creation rhythms that supersede the physical brain.

Feeling. Practicing just feeling whether a thought, an activity, a place, etc brings to your body, your senses feelings that are “good”, easy, peaceful, supportive OR if feelings of the body are of “no”, heavy, depleting.

Sourcing, contemplating, discerning why the

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Our Direction


Following our own inner guidance can be challenging when it may directly go in another direction than most around you.   That is the way it may be for those awakening to the process of Ascension, of our current human process of evolution which is in accelerated stages.

Our bodies are being upgraded beyond the physical and into the atomic and subatomic.  Our brains, physical self, emotional and mind fields are bringing to our attention that which requires our review for healing, for owning, for releasing, for higher choice.

As we do this, it may not be what the “crowd” is experiencing.  Most are unaware, simply without a context to that which is taking place.  With no understanding, tools and discernment it is overwhelming and may seem like all has gone more crazy.

Much is coming Continue reading

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Let go. Be. Trust.

I trust in the Divine Plan, the Source One through me and all things. I willingly and purposeful take new steps today to anchor in my Sovereignty. I step through a new door. I release all that is inorganic, false, limiting, untrue, and not of my God State of Being.

I am God. I am Sovereign. I am Free.

May all Beings know this for Self.

We are One. We are Unity. We support the Law of One Mission.


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12D Shield – Tool for Ascension -Video

The 12D shield, a tool that supports us on our journey of Ascension with every increasing purpose, functionality and transformation. I share with you as it may serve you in these times as we leave lower realities and strive to become in harmony with our Divine One Source Self. This tool experience for me is one of great profoundness, blessing and continued expansion. It allows greater discernment of energies, of self awareness, self accountability, with increasing levels of use and inner work bring increased peace, sovereignty, unfoldment in our purpose here upon this planet.

The information upon this below and the 5 minute video, resources, etc are shared from Lisa Renee and the ascension information platform of See what may

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Lose your mind to regain your Divine Connection

much deeper than this….but yes. Mental and emotional bodies must be managed, consciously and with great consistent effort. Mental programs, thoughts that are not our own, negative thought p10423916_10206699003222630_2705951794360823441_nrojections, inorganic structures, false truths repeatedly told “to us” as truth but not and VERY limiting, are ours to discern, clean up, upgrade and from that find that we HAVE the ability, the inherent right and NATURE to be free in mind, heart, soul, body.

The Heart, the higher heart, the Core Creator Consciousness Connection is within EACH and VERY person. Because of the lack of our awareness or truth information given to us in the earthly plane, work and the ability to question everything is a process that helps to reveal that which holds purity, light, heart consciousness. A feeling, a knowing, an appropriateness of “right action” and “right thought” that Continue reading

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Christic Energies of the Resurrection


Christic Energies continue to seed upon this planet, opening hearts. Expanding our capacity to love. We are upon another Christo Magnus Awakening. The true resurrection of the Christ within US as Christ embodied. Purification and patterns of perfection are on the forefront for ones awakening, First wavers in segments now. Harvest time, coming into Knowing of Self is Now and in September. The cycle will continue.

holy light iconGreat leaps in timelines, in consciousness are NOW and potentialized. Balancing the lower energies, release from mind control are first and foremost to gain sovereignty.

Let nothing keep you from finding and nurturing your own connection to God Source. For this is the TIME NOW upon this planet that the LAW and TRUTH of Creator returns. No one needs a building, a church, a place outside of self to connect or be worthy or be told that which is ones inherent natural process and right to connect to God Source. A loving

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Creator Light AS us flows forth

Smooth allowance of the Creator intelligence Light to flow through us AS us is our journey in this body at this time.  Regaining our God Free State of Thy Will be done.  The Law of Life, The Law of One, is the VASTNESS of Creator recognized in the aspects of peacefulness, loving, harmonious, egoless, agendaless, sentient, expanded frequency of the prior dormant DNA, brings forth the Creator ALIVE in us as us.  The nature of increasing vibration, increasing in intelligen1256535_10202151105688034_2081683110_nce of Light, universal knowingness, Beingness.

The unconscious becomes conscious.  The soul embodies, the Monadic self, the Krystos Risen – the Heiros Gamos.

Not in books. Not in the brain. Not in the rationale.  But in truth of purity of the vessel to no ego control, no attachment  to things, thoughts, identities, archetypes, outcomes and the Divine Will flows, that is the WILL of Creator is expressed by the WILL of the human as the alignment of this is the process and return to wholeness.

It is an ALLOWANCE of that WHICH IS to flow without intellectualizing it, tainting it or distorting it.

This IS a process.  Beyond words.  By experience.  By example. By balance.  By resonance. By peaceful nature. By wisdom of the lighted cells. By the process, the natural process of initiation, absorption, assimilation.

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Potential mandate for vaccination of all adults – No, No way.

Now, on the NOT SO FUNNY side…..We must be informed and educated if not connected with our Heart Sense and Consciousness to know that these things implant into us that which is NOT GOOD. Hypes are created to allow something to be put into our bodies that depletes the human to connect to the Divine. Let no one dictate to another as to what one puts into their sacred temple of the vessel that holds Creator God unfolding.

God sovereign freeThere is mounds of Truth data upon the contents of vaccines, the agenda and various negative results, obvious and not so obvious. None of which is for the stated purpose. Yes, on the other end, lots of “official” paperwork to say all is okay, just like chem trails, GMO, fluoridated water, banks/debt/money, taxes, processed food, inorganic food, pesticides, fear based reporting systems = news, billboards, radio, groups, etc, = incite panic, security….911 and on and on. Continue reading

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