Awakening to the Light within you

Greetings and Welcome!

We are living in the most amazing time ever on this planet.  We are vibrational beings that are expanding in consciousness, in love and desire for truth in all aspects.  We are awakening with higher vibrations, higher aspirations for all to live in joy, freedom, equality and love.  Our capacity to feel love and compassion is increasing.  The potentials are exceptional for personal expansion and spiritual growth

 It is a time to know the truth of who we are as Divine Beings of Holy Origin.  A natural process is occurring of human evolution – ascension.  It is science.  It is alchemy.  It is sacred.  It is of Divine Decree. No one is left out.

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  This is a time of great change in our way of living and being individually and as a humanity.  We see the bringing forth  truth that has been hidden from our awareness.A grand rebirth is occurring.

 You are an important piece of the grand unfoldment!  No One is left out.Your conscious participation of this grand process of internal and external transformation changes everything!

 It is a remarkable grand time of positive change for all of humanity.  This is the process of Human evolution – Ascension.  All things are shifting, changing, rearranging to release patterns and processes that are out of alignment with love, integrity and truth.

   It is with pure loving intent that I am here to be assistance during this grand process of human expansion and transformation.  Offering guidance, context, tools, support, processes and information for ones personal discernment to assist in managing the new territory of our expanding realities and personal spiritual growth.

“The purity and the path of Light is simple, clear, direct, purposeful and immediate and it is loving, and it serves instantly.”

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Our world is changing – within and without.

Follow your heart, it knows the way to truth, peace and love.

Offering individual sessions for deeper understanding, clarity, clearings and expansion.  

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